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Don't Wait, Just Start

I’m the type of person that analyzes things constantly and gets caught up in my own thoughts. A lot of people are like this when it comes to voiceover acting. I’m realizing that it’s better to just start with what you have rather than wait until you think you are 100% ready to go. It’s important to build skills and get the necessary equipment, but at a certain point you have to just start. I dabbled in voiceover a couple of years ago, but I didn’t go fully into it until this year. I decided to do voiceovers and let the market decide if I’m ready or not. I’ve had training. I’ve made my demo. I have all of the equipment. All that was left was to start.

Easier Than Ever

The barrier to entry is lower than it has ever been in voiceover. I’m so lucky that I am 26 years old in 2016 and not 1996 or even 2006. At this moment in time, it is feasible for me to start a voiceover career from home and have professional quality sound. That’s amazing. The technology will only continue to improve and make it easier for people to start a voice over career. I decided to take advantage of this moment and pursue a dream I’ve had for a long time - voice acting.

I would argue that most businesses or startup ideas are accessible to everyone. It’s really difficult to be successful, but all the tools are readily available. Technology has connected us like never before. For voice actors that means earning a living 10 feet from your bedroom. For another business, it may mean being connected with millions of potential clients. We are all consumers, and we are all on our computers and phones. It’s just a matter of figuring out what people need and how to best satisfy that need.

Everyone Needs Voiceover

As a voice actor, I know that there is a tremendous need for voiceover. Every single business in the world, if they want to be even remotely successful, will need the services of a voice actor. The demand is there. Now, it’s just a matter of how to best supply that demand. That’s my goal as a voice actor with my new business: to understand who my clients are and how I can best communicate their needs using my voice.

A lot of times in voiceover, you don’t work with the client directly. You work with a production agency and they in turn work with the client of the project. The production company is in charge of creating the whole project with visuals, music and on-screen actors. My job as a voice actor is to make sure my voice fits with their needs for that specific project.

There’s Always More to Think About

Even though a voice over career may be more accessible than ever before, there is always more to think about. Before I actually began auditioning and getting jobs, I was thinking of every possible angle and issue that might arise during my first few months of business. The thing that helped me get started was making a commitment to myself to take action at a certain time.

Choose a Start Date

A few months before I actually started buying equipment, cold calling and and auditioning for jobs, I decided to choose a start date for my business. I knew that no matter what, I would start looking for work on that day. It was a great decision because it motivated me to get things done before my deadline.

Decide and Figure it Out Later

By choosing a date, I knew that I would complete the tasks I needed to before the deadline. By doing this, I learned the importance of deciding to do something first, and then figuring out the details later. The things that holds so many people back is actually starting. Most people never go ahead and start the business that they want. They just talk about it. I made a commitment to myself and I knew that I would learn so much more about the voice over business by actually doing it rather than researching a million things and not doing anything. I’m glad I took that step, because I know more now, a few months into my business than I ever would have if I was still sitting around thinking about how to be successful.

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